Database Software Talent Management SAMA


Step one:
Employee log in with his I’d ( it should be from a drop down list

Step two:
Choose the transaction name :the options are the following
(Acting request) or (internal hiring request ) or (officialise an employee ) or( postion modelisation request) or (other request)

Step three
Enter transaction date, enter transaction title, transaction serial number,

Then I want to have an option to scan the related documents

Step three
Transaction status and felied to write notes and remarks , drop down list of the employee I’d who changed each transaction , and date of each transction, and a space to attach and scan documents

The transaction option ( drop down list): writing memo, memo sent for line manger to review, submitted to RTM manger for approval, waiting for feedback from concerned party, memo is approved from HR and sent to authorized person, authorized person requesting clarification, approved from authorized person, scheduled for HR interview, completed HR interview here I need felied to write the interviewer name : the interviewer name should be from a drop down list.), Scheduled for technical interview,  completed technical interview,  I need a felied with drop down list(accepted, rejected)  I need a felied for the interviewer name)

Another transaction: Interview form (I will send you the form) I have the form in two languages Arabic and we English.

I will send all the position titles and department so, the interview sheet has a drop down list

Finally: I need to have reports for all the transactions and interview sheet

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