Access 2016 Client Records Database

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Clients=Service Partners. Each Service Partner record should contain the following: basic demographic information, referring agency (address & phone), mental health diagnosis, medical diagnosis, perplexity to violence (high/medium/none record), Juvenile Justice involvement (yes/no), grade level (6th-12th), guardian’s name, address,& telephone, room assignment (1-4), responsibility team assignment (Leadership, Operations, Administration).
Shift Documentation notes for the shift (text box for each of the letters S.O.A.P allowing 750 words). Medication Administration Record medication name, count, route, dosage, prescribing physician. Then Behavioral Management record containing current level (Innovators, Leaders, Partners, Interns); Points Earned, Points deducted (intervals of 5), date of the incident, and description of the incident.
Clinical Documentation Biopsychosocial assessment (text box with the ability to type 1500 words). Therapy Session notes (text box with the ability to type 150 words). Team Meeting Documentation (text box with the ability to type 150 words) everything needs to automatically be time/date stamped and need to be able to add attachments.

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