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  • Category: Choose Which Access Version, We Recommend Microsoft Access 2016
  • Title: Write a Brief Title in One Sentence (4-7 words). For example: Inventories and Supplies Management Database
  • Description: Write a detailed access database description, no shorter than 150 characters. For example:
  • Inventory Management and Supplies for Pharmaceutical Company That Sells Medicine and Provide Medical Services:
    • Products Function: Product Name, Unit Cost, Adjusted Quantity
    • Customers Function: Customers Personal Data, Product, Transaction Date, Quantity Sold, Unit Cost, Total Cost, Adjusted Available Quantity
    • Suppliers Function: Product Name, Quantity, Expected Delivery Date, Actual Date, Order Status
    • Reports: Sales Report, Orders Report, Product Inventory Report
  • Tags: Write 1-5 related and relevant words. For example: inventory database, inventory management, inventory templates, suppliers management, suppliers database
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